Hi there! We are THE COBBLEROAD™, a team of professionals that has been making leather products since 2014. Our goal is to do quality things. Our mission is to inspire you every day. All our products are handmade with a passion for craftsmanship. We love minimalism. We believe in pure form esthetics and functionality without excess. Each of our products embodies our vision. We never specify how, when, or by whom our accessories are to be worn. We simply create them for people who share our values and our visual, tactile, and emotional perception.
THE COBBLEROAD is the brainchild of Mr. Satya Salil Pattnaik ( Founder and Director) – with his aspirations of venturing into business and his rebellious nature to do something different, it wasn’t a big surprise to most people who know them specially his parents.


Duration project: 95 days

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